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Aircraft Heading app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 2576 ratings )
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Developer: iAware
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.15, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 30 Dec 2008
App size: 34.33 Mb

Displays a photorealistic aircraft style heading indicator on your device. Modeled after analog instrumentation in general aviation aircraft. The meter movement is smooth and realistic.

New version includes
1. Improved Graphics
2. Rotation Lock
3. Bug Fixes
4. Supports Latest iOS version and Device

Displays both the analog instrument and a digital readout.

Includes a simulation mode that allows the instrument to be demonstrated indoors without a GPS signal.

Requires a device with a built in Compass or a built in GPS and a good GPS signal with a clear view of the sky. This software has been tested with firmware version 6.x and up only.

Pros and cons of Aircraft Heading app for iPhone and iPad

Aircraft Heading app good for

Works well. As described. A tad slow, but I blame that on the iPhone. Fun for those learning to fly as a fast way to start thinking in degrees.
Very cool. I like the app. Not for practicality, but for its stability. I wanted a basic app with attractive interface that would give me nav headings, altitude, and GPS lat+long. This one does it with relative ease. Its not complicated at all and doesnt require you to read a guide or how to manual. "So a easy a caveman could do it". The app is stable and I havent had any problems.
Good and cool app but when you move the dial is very choppy and not smooth like the default app. Please fix this.
I just go this app and the other instruments by iAware. They are really nice! Work correctly and just plain fun. Nice graphics and they really work. All iAware gauges are great and functional. If you fly, it is even better. I took them up and they are all good. Horizon might not be the most functional as it cannot detect bank angles exactly but then again, that is an iPhone shortcoming. After all, the iPhone can do many things but flying maybe is not its strongest asset. But it comes close! Anyway, very nice app!
Thanks for the timely bug fix. Its up and functioning nicely now Many Thanks Wayne
I was skeptical but this app works great. I travel all over Florida and ghis spp has been spot on. Thank you!

Some bad moments

I bought this the night before a long cross country...just to try it out. I was not really expecting a great deal, but thought it was kind of cool. I was flying at 5500 and at a fairly consistent 150kts. I turned this on and kept an eye on it for 2.5 hr flight. It was occasionally right, but seemed to be incorrect more than correct. The heading was off by quite a bit (30+ degrees several times), as was the speed. It might be a fun app, just not a very reliable one.
Just wasted 99 cents since it will NOT WORK on my iPod Touch4!
This is the first app Ive ever had that wont pick up the Bad Elf Pro GPS ... well, Ive made bigger mistakes in the past.
When Are You Going To Update Your Software To Be IOS 8.4 Compliant? Absolutely Worthless. You Block My Comments From Being Posted. I Find Your Censorship Quite Telling. No More Help From Me Being Your Guinea Pig And Sharing My Crash Reports With You. Figure Your Build Errors Out On Your Own And Quit Blocking My Comments When I Elect To "Share With App Developers" Under "Diagnostics And Usage".